July 10

Happy Birthday Papa and Uncle Al!!!
Today we got Kery’s latest MRI results and once again we are very grateful that there are no new lesions, no sign of disease progression and the surgical cavity is decreasing in size. This is definitely the best news we could hope for.
Unfortunately her next found of chemo has to be delayed because she needs to have a root canal and she can’t do chemo until there is no worry about infection.
The nurses at the TBCC were very impressed with Kery’s progress and encouraged her to continue with her exercises as this will really help with her healing and of course with her overall health. Kery, Dawn and a few friends have registered to do a 5 km walk on August 9th and everyone is super excited about this.
Thanks again to you all for your continued caring and support. It means the world to Kery, Dawn, Gary and myself.

July 6 Update

Dawn and I are home from another great weekend at the trailer I made my first post-surgery fire Friday night and it was a good one.


I’m not allowed to use an axe anymore, so I use this foot operated wood splitter to make kindling.


last week I had an MRI and we’re hoping to get the results this week. it WILL BE MY 3rd clear one in a row!

June 17 Update

today marks the end of round 7 of chemo, and it’s gone pretty good so far!

Yesterday, Mom and I saw my neuro surgeon and he was “delighted” with the progress in my left side. I like my neuro , so it’s encouragement to keep working hard to keep delighting him. all three of us left the room smiling!

Still a ways to go

when I was 3, I asked my paternal grandma how old she was. for some reason, she replied “82!”and she has been ever since tomorrow is her actual 82nd birthday, and the family came together today to celebrate.

with over 15 people celebrating, it was loud and overwhelming for me. I left in tears. It wasn’t my party, but I cried cause I needed to!

these things remind me that though I’ve come a long way, I’m still healing and have a long way to go


MRI Results

Mom and I got my MRI results today and they are good!

no new cancer spots (lesions)
no signs ofdisease progression and
the cavity where they removed the tumour continues to Shrink!

we are happy with this news!

Thank you all for your continued support, thoughts and prayers. they really do help me get through.

Rehab Videos

I’ve started filming me doing my rehab exercises so I can see my progress. then I decided to put them on YouTube to share with all of you. here is the first video:

I had an MRI this past Wednesday and we hope to get the results when we see the oncologist next week.

Kery’s Update

I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. increased calorie intake is likely the cause. That along with accupuncture.

for the first time in my recovery, I can see where I’m improving along with everyone else. it makes it so much easier to keep fighting

A few days ago I started round 5 of 12 of chemo. with me feeling so much better over the last round, I’ve given in to the pleas of my family and agreed to do 12 rounds of chemo instead of only 6.

Happy Easter Everyone!

General Update

This is Dawn! (As I may be signed in as Kery!). Things have been pretty great, Kery has been doing so well and is making so much progress, it’s quite awesome so see.

We spent this past Saturday with Beth & Gary and took a trip to Sundre. For two reasons: 1) so Kery and I could see for ourselves how much snow is still there and 2) so we could have our first ride in Beth & Gary’s new, and somewhat huge, truck, aptly named ‘Tiny’! We had lovely weather and saw a lot of wildlife on the journey, to and from Sundre. Wow, there is a lot of snow still there! Some roads in Tall Timber had been ploughed and were accessible, but the piles of snow were huge and we saw some shed’s which had succumbed to the weight of the snow on their roofs but no further major damage that we could see. We are hoping all the snow will have melted enough in time for May long weekend, so we can spend our first weekend there of the season. We then headed to Subway for lunch and then over to take a look at some trailers. We all then spent Saturday night with our besties, Michelle & Ailleen, dinner and awesome company – thank you ladies. And thank you to everyone for making my birthday great.

Kery has had a few sessions of acupuncture, and that coupled with eating a lot more, is giving her much more energy, so she is also able to do a lot more and go out more. Everyday brings new achievements for Kery and it is so great to see, may this continue on and on.

April 3

Kery has finished round 4 of chemo. This treatment seemed a bit easier, she has been going for acupuncture to help with the nausea and fatigue and it really seems to have helped. She has so much more energy and stamina and is eating so much more. She had lost so much weight that the oncology team expressed concern. Kery needs to eat her three meals a day plus drink 2 meal replacement drinks (like Boost or Ensure). It’s been a bit of a challenge but in true Kery fashion she has been determined to make it happen. She is feeling so much stronger and this means that she is better able to participate in and enjoy lots of activities. Kery and Dawn were out on Saturday and stopped by to see Kery’s brother Scott and nephew Chase race their RC cars and she still had energy to run errands. Then Dawn and Kery went out to watch the Hitmen game on tv with other fans at a local pub. On Tuesday Kery and I went bowling, then to Walmart and Pices Pet store. Dawn, Kery and I had dinner and watched a movie and I think I went to bed before Kery that night. Today she walked around half of Cross Iron Mall and waited patiently while I did my shopping. We made another couple of stops before I dropped her off at home. Then she and Dawn went to Walmart and Safeway but what makes this so special is that Kery did it all without her cane!!! She also experienced some spontaneous movement of her left arm and hand for the first time since her surgery.
Kery has 2 more chemo treatments, with a possibility of another 6. If treatment continues like the last round she will most likely complete all 12 treatments which would be amazing.
We are looking forward to taking a drive out to Sundre on Saturday to check out all the snow, then dinner with the Besties to celebrate Dawn’s birthday.
It is so wonderful to see some of the old Kery shining through and to hear the positive and encouraging comments from those who haven’t seen her for a while.
We are looking forward to more improvement, a great summer of camping at Sundre and Kery and Dawn enjoying a great vacation in England at the end of the summer.