Before The First Practice

Welcome to the first practice for the Ghost Creek Under 7 Goblins hockey team! First, we are joining them in their terribly busy and very loud dressing room where our 11 players and 11 parents are jostling for space to get dressed up in all their equipment for practice.

An empty ice hockey dressing room.

Energetic 6-year-old twins Roger and Rupert have escaped their distracted Mom and are banging and crashing into each other testing out their new elbow and shoulder pads. Rupert sometimes hears adults speaking when they think no one is listening, about how Roger is a little bit smarter, faster, and better than him. Because of this Rupert feels like he is always trying to catch up to his twin and does not like it. Thinking about this, he jumps as high and as hard as he can and sends Roger flying a couple of feet away instead of barely moving like they were before.

Roger gets back up and charges tackle football style at Rupert, knocking them both into their Mom. The three of them fall to the ground a mess of moving arms and legs.

Sophie has no partner and wants to be part of the fun, so she jumps enthusiastically into the wall, she hits it headfirst and falls to the ground. She stays there for just a couple of seconds, then jumps up laughing.

Now, the room becomes very loud with the other Goblins jumping into each other and the parents yelling at their kids to stop. Over the loudness in the room, one child screams in pain. Both coaches burst into the dressing room and blow their whistles. The room comes to a standstill as everyone looks to see who was hurt.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, but Ian is panicking, turning in circles, and sobbing hard. His Dad picks up a small stuffed elephant up off the ground and tucks it into his hockey pants and hugs his son until he calms down.

At the same time, the parents are trying to finish getting their kids ready for the ice. It is the first time James’ Dad has seen hockey equipment and does not know what everything is. He pulls a piece of paper from his pocket and says to James “This is a list of everything in your bag and will tell us what everything is. He pulls the pants out of the bag and says” These are your pants, so, let us start with those” and James pulls the pants on. Next, they get on mostly well from there until his Dad tries to put the elbow pads on James’ legs. “Dad, they hurt, and they feel to small!” James says to his Dad. Bea’s Dad leans over and pulls the Shin pads from the equipment bag and says to James and his Dad “These are the shin pads. Those others go on his elbows!” Bea and James start laughing.

Coaches Will and Jessica are waiting in the hallway, they look at each other and walk into the dressing room and say at the same time ”Who’s ready to hit the ice?!”


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  • Neo

    It is kind of sad that they keep jumping on each other but is a happy storie because it seems that they are all happy and exited to play hockey and it is nice that James’ dad cares for his son and makes sure he is wearing his safety gear on properly and that he loves his son and it is nice that James is teaching his dad where the safety gear goes on a player while he is trying to put it on his son so really I think this storie is nice and happy :) and everyone is having a great time! I hope everyone who is reading this is all well and it is sad that this pandemic is going on so stay safe everyone!!! :) :) :) :) :)

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